Embracing the Present

We use our past memories of mistakes, regrets, disappointment and pain to build a wall around ourselves so that others can’t see where we have stumbled.
We use our future goals, dreams,  and destinations as a way to compensate and mend the negatives of our past and show others what amazing things we are working towards.

Living in the past & in the future at the same time everyday is like building a wall around yourself and becoming incarcerated in it.

We’re afraid of being judged by our past and are unable to communicate and connect with others except for when we are talking about our future successes.

Vulnerability lives in the present. We get things done in the present. We have more control in the present. Others are willing to assist us with a sense of urgency when we can admit that we don’t have it all together and need help.

Being in the moment is like calling 911 when your house is on fire, while living in the past and future is trying to put out the fire with a cup of water.

The joys, beauty, and blessings in our lives live in the PRESENT moment, so don’t miss out!