you call it abilify…I call it abiliflyyyy!

This medicine is a LIFESAVER. If you ask anyone about me they’ll tell you I am the biggest flake known to mankind. I was born to recluse. I’m pretty sure its somewhere in my phenotype. Its like the process of creating plans with friends is euphoric to say the least, but then when it actually comes time to follow through I simply just cant. 

I’m pretty sure thats the reason I have lost so many friends along the way. 

Today was different though

This is my first go round on abilify and I honestly cannot complain. &no I don’t work for the company or have any special ties with them ( I always wanted to say that to sound “corporate” haha).

I have noticed that I’m more productive and welcoming to do new things in my social life. I actually just got home from hanging with a good friend and  it was awesome! We caught up at Starbucks, visited the Rothko Chapel (a must see ), and ended the afternoon thrifting. & the most rewarding part of the day was knowing that not only did I plan the outing, but followed through with it wholeheartedly. That I can say is amazing.

sometimes the little things do matter

Rothkos Chapel


8 thoughts on “you call it abilify…I call it abiliflyyyy!

  1. ToadieOdie says:

    I’m thrilled to hear that Abilify is a good experience for you. It’s been that way for me with Topamax. I feel like with it I’ve been able to reclaim a big chunk of my life back. It’s wonderful when you find a med that’s right for you. ❤

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  2. Living Stranger says:

    Glad to hear a positive story in regards to medication & mental health 🙂 it’s something with a fair bit of stigma within itself (I’m sure you’ve seen the typical Facebook/tumblr posts with a picture of a forest or hills saying ‘this is an antidepressant’ next to a picture of some Prozac or whatever, saying ‘this is not’. The pharmaceutical companies get a bad rep, and sometimes I get why (I don’t 100% advocate meds myself) but in the right context they can be such a good thing and I’m so happy for you! I hope this keeps up ❤

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    • Define crazy? says:

      Thank you. Yes the pharmaceutical companies are often frowned upon, but as humans with mental illnesses it becomes more subjective in regards to severity. So I get the whole “go outside and enjoy the view” theory, but sometimes that alone just isn’t enough.


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