Yesterday I took an L but today I bounced back!


Just getting home from orientation at my new job at BBS cafe. It’s a Cajun style restaurant that is mm mm good! I applied for the position the day after being discharged from the loony bin (1/11/2017). I guess I just had this gut feeling that I couldn’t continue on with working in a hospital with so much daily trauma and sadness if I really wanted to heal..

They called me in for an interview at 11 am and then told me to come in for orientation at 3 pm. I was hesitant because I had my first appointment with my therapist at 1 pm and really hate being pressured for time, however it everything ended up working in my favor.

My therapist and I both agreed on the fact that we just clicked instantly and we would work well together to tackle those underlying demons that I detach from subconsciously. She focuses on healing, awareness, and finding your true authentic self. You know, that little innocent girl I lost a long time ago… I’m so excited to start this journey to obtain pure inner happiness.

Even though I lost my job yesterday I bounced back up like Viagra (word to Lil Wayne)

I swear God works in the most mysterious ways so now I  choose to just sit back enjoy the show. 


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