Time really does heal.


I say this with an emphasis as cliche as it sounds…

Lately so many things have been revealed to me and I just been  trying my best not to analyze the hows and whys. I just sit back and enjoy the show now a days to keep my brain from rummaging in those rabbit holes.

Yesterday, a former best friend contacted me out of the blue. I have been best friends with her since the age of 13 and cut her off 21. So its been 3 years since I’ve had any type of contact with her.

Well yesterday evening she messaged me through social media and apologized about the way she took advantage of my mother and I in the past.

Her apology didn’t come across as fake or manipulative, but actually genuine and sincere.

She stated that it has been eaten her alive for a while now and she finally worked up the courage to get everything off her chest. It was clear to her and I that she made her amends to everybody she has ever hurt in the past, and I was the final finally.

Funny thing is I’ve forgiven her already over time for her mistakes in the past and never had enough courage to tell her. We both had our faults but I still feel like a piece of shit for abandoning her in a time of crisis when she needed me the most.(It’s complicated)

Everything literally just made sense and fell into place after our short conversation. At the end we realized we both wanted to just be free from our past and are at a place  in life where we can start anew.We decided to pick a date in the near future to catch up and I’m honestly looking forward to it (: . Like I literally have butterflies in my tummy as I type this :}

I swear my creator works in the most mysterious of ways and I can’t thank him enough for this deep seeded healing he brought upon the both of us last night.



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