The final stage-Acceptance

The grieving process starts with denial, and ends with acceptance.     The process is pretty much the same for all types of loss. From the death of a loved one, to the end of a dream career, grief takes place using the following 5 stages (indentified by psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) : denial, anger, bargaining, depression & lastly … Continue reading The final stage-Acceptance


Denial vs Self Awareness

December of 2015 I was diagnosed with Histrionic personality disorder(HPD) at a 30 day addiction treatment center, and really didn't understand how the symptoms correlated with me(commom amongst cluster b personality disorders). During a one on one weekly session, the treatment center's psychologist started explaining Histrionic Personality Disorder to me. He followed his explanation up … Continue reading Denial vs Self Awareness

a life of bliss

My #1 goal in life is to help those who want it, and raise awareness to those who need it. Giving back, offering a hand, providing a shoulder to lean/cry on, advising those who ask for it, and over all helping others overcome adversity.   Raising awareness for those communities in serious need of mental health … Continue reading a life of bliss