Normal wear & tear


life’s normal human wear & tear
Homeless man with a sign saying “didn’t vote trump…Hungry”

I laughed at the irony, how could u not find it funny
he’s no dummy
profiting off an election? Ol dude is smart I just had to give him money.
Moms always said give in good spirit & he will never go hungry
Even when I know he feining, he will use it to fill his tummy….but thats neither here nor there

lifes normal human wear & tear
segue struggles got me…stuck





dont vibe with me too much
abstract thinker cliches i was born this way

10 years of age beggin my moms 4 an epic bday party on top of a major freeway
I remember that was the day she said i dreamed way to big for my age

My mind is massive/attractive/multifaceted.
My intellect turns it on, your feux beauty makes it flaccid
but deep down i struggle like tardiness to a preshift huddle
been altering my mental since 12 from scripts to illegal sales, my need for pills just to shutup/ or me second guessing social cues like im on the spectrum scale

& no these pills are not for resale so dont ask im not goodwil..but im not looking for self pity..
Did I confuse yall with my thoughts already? Why do I question alot already?

Why do i come off as shy and petty but inside me & freddy competing for most deadly.

I never know how to end these writings its like that neuron in my brain keeps reigniting
But its cool though.


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