They say tomorrow is not promised today. Sounds alot like my moods on any given day.

 Today I feel calm due to a dream i rather not speak on.

 But yet I still worry about the emotional faith of my tomorrows. I fear of night terrors that will throw me off into deep sorrow.

Does anybody have extra space in their brain I can borrow please? I just need to dump my excessive thoughts on someone other than me. 

Alone but never lonely. Had plenty homies who fell in love with the old me. Now they dont even know me. I dont even know me. Everything before the age of 23 is blur to me

 a constant state of lement doesnt define me I promise.

 It’s just easier put my pain into words & my happiness into action…Everyday i discover more & more about what made me happy back then.

Being bipolar doesnt define me & ptsd can kiss my back end. Malleable is my mental so I dont break just occasionally bend. 



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