I hate you bi*****

Seems like everyday I ask christ why? Why did you have to curse my innocence with such grime?

Month after month its like cycle that wont quit. Hoping to find a cure but I know none exist..

but iiiii am just human. Trying to live happy with this birth defect. While others seem misinformed and clueless.

I want to be the girl that can make new friends, but my sickness only cares bout burning bridges and loose ends.

I was happy for a while till the depression kicked in. A week full of crying until the process started over again.

My minds been racing more than usual but I cant give in. No more impulse shopping no more late night sins

I just want to be a normal adult. I wanna set goals without falling apart. I want to live without placing fault.

I hate being bipolar with every fiber of my being. I want out but I cant be a weakling.


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