Is a Support Group right for me?

I always leave process groups feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I fully engage in them by listening to others and reflecting upon their thoughts as well as my own.

I honestly feel that support groups have a positive influence on my day to day live. Especially because I dont have a support system at home and many things trigger me that my meds/pdoc can’t actively get to the root of at the moment.

Being able to be surrounded by others like me helps me feel that I am not alone and I too can get through whatever might be hindering my happiness. Support group peers opionions, thoughts, and advice hold more weight to me because it’s almost like it takes one to know one & i know they know exactly what/how i maybe feeling because they too are going through or have gone through the same SHIT.

Click the link above to take an online quiz to see if you could benefit from a bipolar/depression support group.


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