headache to heartache


You can try & numb the pain but it will never go away word to cudi.

Strangers physically but emotionally best buddies.

Adult kids of trauma minus the huggies.

Peers read me wrong laughing  when nothings funny.

Then u got the dude who offer u molly thinking they gone get lucky.

Been popping scripts since a teen your molly wont even touch me.

I’ll take em any way & proceed to play u like a dummy.

My intuition never failed me since the day my parents failed me.

6am in the morning moms illness got her gardening, vacuuming & slamming cabinets simultaneously

Were are a little deranged you see…

Growing up paranoid questioning if its them or me.

Like a car riding on E, please dont gaslight me.

Born with a cursed sense of doom i see & question the elephants in the room.

How can you be so blind to the facts denile is the modern day suicide pact

Did I lose yall? Feel free to booo yall..better yet hit snooze yall

end up missing life waiting 4 that pseudo wake up call.

No amber alerts needed I tend to be found when my self worth is:


Then i bounce right back like I just got dc’d from treatment

Its no secret its my weakness

dads advice on showing emotion means you must be a weak bitch.

Too bad your opinion is sub par and my life is on a winning streak….

So kindly miss me with your misery…


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