I love the way you lie.

Real eyes realize real lies is a FACT because I can sense a lie before the question was even asked 

It’s a prize I won for being through so much crap

 You tend to notice the difference between gold and yellow painted scraps

Your words hold no weight when your body language is out of whack

Your sorrys mean nothing when you stab me but swear you got my back

Subconciously, I put myself in the shoes of everyone around me

Its a blessings and curse to see the beauty in all things

Which is why no lie is worth telling me

 good people dont get fooled we get smarter unwillingly

A wise man once told me to trust everyone you see, and if they mess up still trust them to be true to who they really are to be

Those words stuck with me

 my real eyes dont look past the subtle things 

I realize that a liar could never fuck with me 

because a real lie is an oxymoron and is only as real as you choose it to be



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