a life of bliss

My #1 goal in life is to help those who want it, and raise awareness to those who need it.
Giving back, offering a hand, providing a shoulder to lean/cry on, advising those who ask for it, and over all helping others overcome adversity. 

 Raising awareness for those communities in serious need of mental health education is what matters to me.

 I want to get to the root of why people form stigmas.

I want to understand why ostracizing those who are confident enough to improve their mental health though acknowledgment and action is common law.

I understand that these grandious life goals will not happen overnight & I am not superman and can’t save everybody and that is just okay.

I plan on going to the University of Houston in the fall to FINALLY finish getting my bachelors in psychology. Getting my PHD or PsyD is what  I am aiming for.

I want to research, educate, & learn more each day, as well as guide others to the path they truly want to be on.

I’ve always been a big dreamer & now I’m at a point where I can take the steps to turn my dream goals into reality.


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