Recognizing the difference: Am I happy or hypomanic?                     

Happiness, according to Psychology Today, “is more than simply a positive mood. It is a state that encompasses living a good life with a sense of well-being and deep satisfaction.”

Happiness is consistent & is simply not obtained by bouncing from one “feel good” thing to another. 

Hypomania, on the other hand, is what I like to call “pseudohappiness.” it’s like any other drug on earth that releases dopamine, but as we know what goes up must eventually come down (aka baseline/depression). 

It feels great but is flighty.

It’s fun but risky.

It’s temporary and inconsistent.(euphoric to dysmorphic)

Hypomania can subsequently lead to full blown mania, or more commonly for me right back down to depression if left untreated.

IMO if one is med compliant, seeking therapy, and has reached a comfortable baseline in which they can wake up and feel contentment and continuous peace it can be safe to say that they are genuinly happy.

Craving or consistently seeking out “pseudohappiness” through risk taking, grandiose thinking, racing thoughts, sexual acts, etc. lead me to believe that hypomania is the one at play.

Personal examples of hypomania:

  • Everything around me is in sync. The song on the radio mentions something that happened to me the previous day. The thoughts I have are mentioned in conversations with people who can’t read my mind. I can predict time without looking at a clock. & NO IM NOT PSYCHIC lol !!
  • I can give auctioneers a run for their money when it comes to my rate of speech. I talk fast and it’s your job to keep up. 
  • My confidence turns to cockiness and everyone around me is percieved to be less than. I become a self centered prick with a classic case of “me! me! me!” syndrome.
  • I know the dysmorphia is starting to kick in when it feels like everyone is moving sooooo slowwwww. I get so irratated and annoyed. This has led me to embarrassing road rage and easily preventable car accidents.

These are just a few examples. I could probably write a book about my hypomanic self, but I’ll leave that for when I’m actually hypomanic haha!

Later 🙂


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