MRSA, Mental Health, & 10 words of advice you should avoid giving to someone reaching out for help.

* To skip my insight scroll down until you reach the dashed lines for the list *

“Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body. It’s tougher to treat than most strains of staph because it’s resistant to some commonly used antibiotics(”


Metaphorically speaking, mental illness and MRSA are quite similar and here’s why:

-They’re both often chronic, and remain difficult to treat due to the ineffectiveness of the more commonly used resource for such disease.

(Did I lose you guys with my complex methaphorical jargon?)

Here’s an easier breakdown:

-MRSA can’t be treated easily because it has formed an immunity against the array of commonly used antibiotics…

-Having the courage to reach out for help from loved ones regarding ones mental health concerns is more often then not, usually met with an “methicillin resistance” response…

-This so called “advice” has already been tested and labeled ineffective and does nothing to treat the problem(scroll further down for examples)
One might sink deeper into a mental crisis & feel hopeless, therefore exemplifying the issue at hand.


If you know your microbiology like I do, then you know MRSA is a superbug.

A superbug in ones mental health can easily turn into a slippery slope of deep depression, crippling anxiety, and suicidal thoughts/ideations. The inability to cope maybe depleated and the hope for help could all be lost due to the inappropriate “advice” given.

Just like MRSA, mental illness becomes tougher to treat because it becomes immune to all the “common responses” that have been deemed ineffective

One is left to either find the strength to continue looking for resources, or choose the more common route…

Giving up.

*my brain makes the most off the wall connections, so forgive me if my correlation made you cringe*
Listed below are 10 “superbug” causing things you should NOT say to anyone seeking mental help advice(from personal experience):

1. “Just pray about it”

2. “Your strong so keep on pushing”

3. “Try not to think about it & it’ll eventually pass”

4. “Be grateful because other have it worse”

5. “I been through EXACTLY everything you are telling me and I’m doing fine so you have nothing to worry about”

6. “You’ll feel better after saying the rosary”

7. “You American kids are always crying over spilled milk. Toughen up.

8. “Quit overanalyzing”

9. “I wish I had your problems, life would be a breeze”

10. “Mental illness isnt real, please get out of your head”


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